This is one festival that i really love, the festival of Colours and i have some very fond memories of the same, so guys enjoy life and Happy Holi..

What Do you do with Surplus Money ?

If you have been reading my Blog regularly you will probably have learned about saving better by now and probably be even able to make your money work for you, so you might actually end up with some money surplus. Or maybe someone has just given you an extra bunch of cash and you don't know just what to do with it, well you could probably could use a few tips as mentioned below...

1. Pay of that high interest credit card.

2. You could probably make that contingency fund finally, maybe if not more just a 2 month emergency fund.

3. Get that extra insurance, maybe a term policy or maybe a one time payment policy in for your pension fund.

4. Maybe you could add this money to the house down payment saving fund that you have been working towards.

5. Invest the money for your child's educational fund.

6. Invest in some tax saving scheme to meet that deduction limit.

7. Pay of a loan that you have been paying slowly by EMI 's (maybe a car loan or personal Loan).

I have not put this in any particular order so please make your own order.

Warren Buffet's interview to the CNBC

I found this transcript of Warren Buffet's interview with CNBC held on 03/03/08. Its worth reading this legendary investor is really the best and its worthwhile to read anything on him. Anyways heres the complete interview....

Tax Alert impacting individual and Employer

Why am i still talking about the budget? Well i am not i found this Ernst and Young report that tells all about the budget implications on both the individuals and the employer. I thought it could be useful to many of us either way, so i have uploaded in it in the link here, its a direct download so no waiting.

Highlights of the Budget that effect You and Me

Well i am listing down some of the highlights of the budget that effect me or might effect me or atleast i think it effects the common man.....

- Personal income tax exemption hiked to Rs 1.5 lakh

- Senior citizens threshold tax limit increased from Rs 1,95,000 to Rs 2,25,000

- Tax exemption for women increased to Rs 1.8 lakh

- No excise duty on refrigerating equipments

- Small cars to become cheaper

- Reduced excise duty on two, three wheelers

- Excise duty on hybrid cars cut from 24 pct to 14 pct

- Sixth Pay Commission report by March 2008

- 22 Sainik schools get Rs 44 crore

- PAN sole identification in securities market

- Duty reduced on life saving drugs

- Short term capital gains to be taxed at 15%

- Money changers and people running gains of chance and tour operators to be brought under service tax net

- Custom duty on steel scrapped

- Set-top boxes to become cheaper

- 3 IITs to be set up in Bihar, AP, Rajasthan

- 16 Central universities to be set up

- Inflation will be kept under check

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