Holidays and Money

I recently took a break from my work and went on for road trip. Well this is one time that i let go ans decided to enjoy, but thinking about the money aspect as well. Let me first tell you about my trip..

I went to Rishikesh via Haridwar from Delhi(Drove down ofcourse) and then from there on moved to Dehradun and then to Ponta Sahib(Its a Sikh Shrine in Uttartanchal). Drove all the way. Had great fun, went river rafting at Rishikesh(level 1 Ofcourse, this was my first time) and saw to aarti in the night, with all leaves floating in the water with fire on them. The water was damn cold, stayed in a hotel which had its own beach. Jumped into the water from the raft wearing my jeans and had a hell of a time coming out of the water with the wet jean's weight pulling me back.

Well now the money part, the hotel I stayed in was one of those upmarket(as one of the travel guides said) hotel, and had its own small beach. I could have got cheaper hotels but then what the hell, went with my family. Now when i am back and looking back at the expenses, 70% of the total expenditure came from room rent in the hotel. Petrol was also one major expenses. The hotel gave the breakfast as complimentary so saved a bit of money there, also had our lunch and dinner outside in a road side dhabha. And i actually went out looking for the rafting option although my hotel did provide the same but one thing was for sure that i knew was that i could get it cheaper outside, so went to shope asked around and got it for INR350/- as against the INR700/- being charged by the hotel. Then we didnt do any shopping there as mostly these tourist spots are costly and the stuff they sell unless its a speciality is avaiable anywhere, so didnt do shopping.

Also i found out that Petrol is cheaper in Delhi compared to the neighboring states, but i did a lot of saving there as i had a tank full when i left Delhi only had to buy a little extra fuel on the way back. So everyone enjoy in holidays, but also try to save wherever you can and there is no need to do shopping unless and until you really have to.

Buy or Sell Stocks

Its the right time to start buying stocks. With the markets touching a new low and falling, this is the time start buying stocks. I was reading in one website a comment given by an expert that "People give more importance to the right time to sell shares then to buy shares". So its time too get that money out of those fixed deposits that are paying you 8.5% interest and start buying shares in the market. With the pressure on buying, not only will you start getting a good return on your investment but also this a good opportunity to start building up your portfolio.

People normally have the tendency to panic when they see a fall in the market and just to sell along with the fall. But normally this should not be the case, any dips in the market is a good opportunity to buy and not sell. Buying today will probably give you a benefit in the future.

I have also set a aside some money and now am going to start buy from tomorrow morning so you do the same as well.

Good Luck..