What Do you do with Surplus Money ?

If you have been reading my Blog regularly you will probably have learned about saving better by now and probably be even able to make your money work for you, so you might actually end up with some money surplus. Or maybe someone has just given you an extra bunch of cash and you don't know just what to do with it, well you could probably could use a few tips as mentioned below...

1. Pay of that high interest credit card.

2. You could probably make that contingency fund finally, maybe if not more just a 2 month emergency fund.

3. Get that extra insurance, maybe a term policy or maybe a one time payment policy in for your pension fund.

4. Maybe you could add this money to the house down payment saving fund that you have been working towards.

5. Invest the money for your child's educational fund.

6. Invest in some tax saving scheme to meet that deduction limit.

7. Pay of a loan that you have been paying slowly by EMI 's (maybe a car loan or personal Loan).

I have not put this in any particular order so please make your own order.


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Your first priority for extra money should be payment of debts, saving comes next, and spending last.

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