Downtrend in the Markets

With Markets going in for a free fall, it seems they are going to go so low that it might become very difficult for them to recover and for people like myself who have a significant part of there portfolio when the markets were climbing are already feeling the losses, What could you probably do and what not to do is now left all to speculation. I have decided to stick to my present portfolio and maybe do a little bit averaging by increasing my position in some of the stocks. This i might(MIGHT) be able to send some when the market's are in an uptrend and maybe be able to recover some of my losses.

I had some extra money this month and have been thinking of investing the same somewhere but have just been not able to decide yet and don't know if i will be keep that money in my account fo long now since i have to buy some gifts (like gold) for some upcoming occasion which is probably in the later part of the year but am thinking of buying it right now in order to avoid the high prices of gold at a later date. But then this too is a speculation and i really dont know what to do yet. So lets see.


Anonymous said...

Who knows what to do with our stocks at this point! Fact is, the market is falling and nobody knows when things are going to turn around. I feel bad for those people who are getting ready to retire and have lost a bunch recently.

Make sure you're switching over to bonds as retirement closes in; you can see why because of what the market has done to many!

Profit said...

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