Confusion Confusion

With markets crashing every day all of us have been forced to imagine that this is probably a bottomless market. My total Portfolio has been reduced to half of its value as compared to last diwali

How low can the markets get

Well I Usually don't have much money to buy new stocks but i make it a point to buy Something at every dip and am very much planning to still buy. Now I'm changing my strategy and have planned to invest only in Bluechip stocks for a while But I'm looking at a long term horizon, maybe a period of 2-3 years for returns, expecting a short term return will be very optimistic and some might say even foolish. With the constantly rising inflation and the value of rupee decreasing everyday the question I seem to be pondering with today is that should I really invest the money in the markets or should I trust the good old term deposits with 11percent annual returns.

CONFUSION CONFUSION but atleast I can wish you Happy Diwali


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