This Month Last Year

Some Posts i wrote in this month last year, Not many i think i should start writing more often

1. What do you do with surplus money.
Got a windfall like bonus or a relative giving you money and dont know what to do with the cash then read this.

2. Tax alert impacting individual and employer
Tax calculation and alerts.

3. Highlights of budget that effect you and me
Highlights of the budget of last year that were effecting the ordinary man.

4. Compare new and old income tax slabs
Comparisons between the new and old slab rates.


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Anonymous said...

If someone is working in Government institution and living in quarter provided by office. During stay, if that person is on "Leave without pay" for six months due to higher education purpose, then what would be the situation of HRA.
Actually, this is now problem with me.
I used to pay Licence fee, water & electricity bills and in addition my office used to deduct my HRA, when I was getting salary. I was under impression that, I need to pay licence fee, water& electricity charges only, when I am on "leave without pay" but now my office is asking me to pay money to them, for every month (when I am on LWP), which is equal to my HRA..... I am unable to understand it.
Please someone answer me and help me out.

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