Fixed deposit / Term Deposit Interest Rates

I heard on the news the other day that banks are revising the deposit interest rates for the fixed / term deposits and i was actually looking for a deposit to be made. So different banks have different interest rates for fixed deposits (Term Deposits) and it gets very complicated if you start to look for the best interest rate in the market, its very difficult to go to each bank and find out the best interest rates. I have made a list of all the interest rates presently on my Google docs page and am sharing it with everyone and will hopefully update it as i get more information. The as on date interest rates for fixed deposits / terms deposits can be found on the this link....

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Depositing your money in the banks is a good practice. It earns you interest. However, the effective interest rate is not enough to give you a higher return on investment. This is the reason why binary options trading is an option for me. It's easier to do and significantly more rewarding.

indianist said...

Which is the best RD and what are the interest rates of recurring deposits in banks and in post offices??