Infrastructure Bonds - Tax Saving Under 80CCF

Finally decided to invest in Infrastructure bonds, have been researching in them for 1 year now. Didn't know what to do earlier, and finally today decided to take the dip.

Invested INR10000/- in IDFC Tranche 2 Long Term Infrastructure bonds. Just bought two units, but hopefully will buy more in the next financial year. Already overrun in my investment budget for this month.

I already have a post on the Infrastructure bonds and section 80CCF, you can read it here... 


jj said...

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jj said...

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Now You can SAVE tax 6,180/- u/s 80ccf & Rs.9,270/- u/s 80D (on above Rs. 1 Lac) and EARN 9% interest. (both) by Investment of Rs.20,000/- only in Infra Structure Bond. & Rs.30,000/- on Medical.
8.93% & 8.70% for 5 & 10

yrs with Annual and Cumulative Option

Additional tax benefits to Individual-U/S 80CCF upto Rs.20,000/-& U/S 80D upto Rs.30,000/-

This is over and above Rs. 1 lakh U/S 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD of IT Act.

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Helen said...

Investing in infrastructure bonds is another way of diversifying a portfolio. I think this is a good move because every now and then, buildings, roads and other infrastructure projects are constructed.

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I think you made the right decision with investing on infrastructure bonds.

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