Becoming Rich

There is a good book on creating Wealth called ""Winning at the wealth Game" by Sanjay Mehta. It has something to do with teaching everyone the ideas of wealth through cricket strategies. Its a nice book, and i will not go into much details about what the book says but there are some points that the book stresses on, these point's a very well explained with reference to the game of cricket and i will try to explain some points to you...

1. Build you wealth bit by bit, just like a player builds up scores. Don't lose wickets.

2. Make sure you have a solid foundation. Prioritize your investment - First look for Liquidity, then go in for security and then go in for maximizing returns.

3. Know your financial goals clearly. Write them down and keep updating them in the different phases of your life.

4. Keep long term goals in mind, keep creating wealth dont ever stop.

5. Keep a watch on your investments. Know when to exit and when to enter a particular type of investment.

6. Always keep a lookout for oppurtunity, never miss one.

7. Always know your strengths and weekness.

8. Your assets should always be balanced.

9. Always have a winning mindset, know what you want and go for the kill.

10. Diversify, Diversify, Diversify..., need i say more.

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