Select Good Insurance Agents

The people who give us the cover we require and actually are the main interface between any insurance company and yourself. Selecting an insurance agent now seems to be a big area of concern. They not only know your inherent details but also should be a person whom you can call up if an emergency arises and you need someone to take care of the money part. Choosing an insurance agent has become more or less like choosing a spouse. You need to meet a lot of them until you can find the person you think can fulfill your requirements. Can be friend in bad times and a helping hand.

With all these new companies entering the insurance sector selling insurance has become like any other FMCG product, the person who sells you the product can show you the moon and not even deliver a grain of sand. These people tend to misrepresent the companies. I was reading the news the other day that IRDA(Insurance Regulatory _____ Authority, the main body which regulates the insurance sector in india)., had pulled up a company for misrepresentation by its agent. But with So much Competition the companies cannot monitor all there agents. The agents want to close the deal and can sometimes go over board in making promises to the customer.

So one piece of advice be very careful while selecting an Insurance Agent. Ask your friends about their experiences ask around ask your neighbors. Try researching on the net. Always try to buy policies from Corporate agents. They are more professional in their approach and have more accountability. Try to find out about their qualifications and where they stay. Before buying any policy do adequate research. Try to call up some of his old customers and ask around for his credibility. Also don't forget the Company itself matters more then the Agent so always do your research on the company as well before buying any insurance.


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