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Hey Everyone,

I am an Engineer by profession and sometimes the financial jargon is just too much for me. So i will try to keep this blog as simple as i can and nothing to technical or financial. (Dont worry its just that i dont understand them sometimes as well).
Recently i was surfing the net for some useful information regarding investments and saving and found thousands and thousands of links all over the net. Some will tell you how to spend your money and some how not to. Some will tell you how to save your money and some how not to. I mean i could go on and on. It just got so confusing that i ended up going to the market place so that i could buy some magazine to find out about the same but the same old story.

You know it just so happened that i was reading this all famous money magazine about which was telling about how to save your money when you are getting married and how to invest the money you get as gifts from the families(Such a nice Indian culture). And the same magazine went on to say how to spend money by going to awfully expensive honeymoon destinations. I mean how more confusing can you make it. Why would i save the gift money and invest it and then end up piling up my credit card bills with huge expenditures i made on the Honeymoon(Can you say NO to your newly wedded wife).

Any wayz BLAH BLAH BLAH..........., i could go on and on, so then the idea struck me that why not make new place for all those looking for money advice. Where not only could you get the information you needed). Of course based on the Authors experience) but also find the links of the some the most useful related info on the net.

So here i am trying to compile all information that i could collect in one place. One place to find it all. Not only information but some of the best links that can be found on the net. And anything else related to Money Matters. So guys please do support my Blog.


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