Best Stocks

The top stocks and the kind of stocks to retire with or just save for your child's future according to a research conducted by rediff are some names that normally a person like you and me couldn't even start to pin point are not infosys or reliance but some other names :

1. ITC : Advantages
a. Strong Brand
b. Huge Distribution Network.
c. Profitable Business
d. Diversification Underway.

This stock could do wonders and i am just getting into this one for the long run. Its got an advantage that its cash cow business i.e cigarettes, it has 75% market share and very little opportunity for new players to enter.

2. ZEE Tele Films : Advantages
a. Strong Distribution Network
b. Its Subscription revenue is rising
c. Better ground with Advertisers
d. Good Margins
e. Brand loyalty

Its bit costlier stock but if revenues do pick up its one stock that you would want to have in your portfolio as a top Stock.

3. Pantaloon Retail : Advantages
a. Biggest retail Chain
b. Very Popular retailing Chains
c. Major Diversification Underway.

Retail stocks are always given a step child kind of a treatment in the Stock Market. The best part is as they open more branches their brand recognition increases and also since they have the early starter.

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