What's happening to the Markets

If the Markets keep going down like this on a daily basis, very soon most of the money that people like me thought we had, would have eroded to nothing. And then we keep hearing on the News that this is just a reaction to the Overseas markets. My Question is why is our market dropping more then anyone else's. We have lost about 10 - 12 % while no other market seems to have lost 10%. Its very surprising, that our markets are losing so much money. And to top it all up i got a mail today, giving me the chills that the Reliance Power IPO is not "POWER ON now Its Power Gone". As i had written in my earlier POST , that i had applied all the money i had in the IPO and now I am losing sleep over it. Any ways i read this really nice article on Money Control by their editor, the LINK is here, its a good read and gets your hope high as well.

The fundamentals of our market are really very strong and we need to be optimistic, so keep your fingers crossed and if you have the money start investing in those stocks that you really wanted to invest in and do it fast before they go back up.