Some Good Stocks

In continuation, with my last post on best stocks if we see th over all prospective, and the way the market is headed south, it is a good opportunity to invest in some really good stocks. Some Stocks which can give returns if kept over a long time, atleast i feel these are really good stocks.
But please as a disclaimer don't take my word for it please do be careful while investing and let me also know what you think...

1. Reliance Petroleum : One stock which is definitely give some really good results in the near future with its refinery coming up.

2. Tata Steel : Corus aquisition and low cost producer makes it a very good pick in the steel industry and probably will give better results although a little down nowadays.

3. DLF : Its a bog name in real estate and some really good projects under its belt. So lets hope for the best.

4. ICICI Bank : Its got a great model and is taking advantage of the Goverment banks shortcomings, it has the greatest reach among all other banks and my salary is deposited every month in it so its certainly a good bank.

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