Fuel Prices - Where are they going

Has anyone sees the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car"? Well its an eye opener on how the corporates and governments have not been promoting the battery operated cars and rather promote the fuel driven cars. Well with the fuel prices globally crossing $135 a barrel and the government thinking of decontrolling the fuel prices, some websites are reporting that the price hike could be as much as Rs.17/liter.

RS.17 WHEW!!!!!!

Whats going to happen to people like us who like to drive. I drive down to office every day in my car. With all the odd hours of working, the public transport system is not of much help. Although i can use the metro but have got to change it twice before i reach my destination and that becomes a major hassle. And if i keep coming by my car my monthly budget is going to down the drain. They also go on to say that petrol price increase will in no way effect inflation. But thats not the entire truth although it might not have any effect any price increase or decrease but the fact still remains that it will effect the family budget. And doesn't that account for inflation.

Anyways get ready for the shock of your life and it seems that the fuel prices are only headed upwards from here. And btw, i am already finding an alternate means of transport.

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