Money Saving Tips

Some money saving tips you should really go through and follow....

1. Use Cash : Where ever possible avoid using credit cards.

2. Use Small Savings transfer : Get your online account to transfer a fixed sum every month to another account through which you can build a contingency fund.

3. Stay At Home : Dont go out much stop eating at restaurant's and stop your weekend trips to the mall instead stay at home and bond with the family. And also end up saving cash in turn.

4. 30 day list : If you have a sudden impulse to buy anything, put it in a 30 day wait period and after the 30 days are up if you still need it only then buy it.

5. Exercise : Exercise is the best way to keep your body fit and avoid costly medical bills later.

6. Talk to your Spouse : Its important that you and your spouse should be in the same line of thinking about saving cash.

7. Use a Spread sheet for tracking expenditures.

8. De clutter your home : The less stuff at home the less you spend on maintaining it and also it is said in VASTU it lets positive energy flow.

9. Pay Savings and debt first : Whenever you sit down to pay your bills you should first pay off you savings account then your debt account and then the bills.

10. Try To supplement your job Income : Let your income from you job not be the only income you earn, try getting a substitute.

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good money saving tips to make ones your life boring and close to hell... :P