Talk about money

Not Many Of us are comfortable talking about money with our loved ones. And to tell you the truth it really is worth it. Money is one of the main reasons of disputes between couples and it is always best to discuss this issue and keep everything transparent so no issues can come up later. This can help making decisions easier about money matters.

The same should also be true about children. Parents actually decide how children will deal with money. It can really help the children make better decisions. Regarding the children we should

1. Include the children while talking about family budgets and bills.
2. Show th children the bills and also how we are planning on paying the bills.
3. Open a savings account for the children and get them into a habit of saving.

Remember it is you who has to decide how to discuss about money and the more you talk about money in the family the better understanding your family will have about it and can help you making better decisions.

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