Investment Oppurtunities - 2

I am here continuing my article on Investment Opportunities, those who are closely following this article i am also starting a survey on what type of opportunities do you invest in, so please do take the same at the bottom of this page

5. Equities : Just Dive into the Market, their are a lot of opportunities out their, but since not many of us have the time to study through the market, start investing small, and please don't turn into a day trader from day 1. Get a Demat Acccount, with any trading company preferably a big name and start researching the market. I do a lot of my search on moneycontrol.
Initially only invest in some good blue Chip Companies. Then Probably move onto some failrly unknown names. Some Websites can also give you trade calls. You can subscribe to that as well but one piece of advice be very careful and don't invest too much money in a single stock. Keep it across sectors.

6. Gold : The sparkle of Gold has always been a great attraction for most Indians and India is one of the largest consumers of Gold in the world. Gold always seems to shine out, its a good investment. I am not talking about jewelery that Girl's love to wear. If you are thinking of investing in Gold, you can either buy pure Gold from the Banks like ICICI, SBI, Indian Bank among others. They all sell pure gold in tamper proof seals. One thing although banks sell gold they don't buy them back an RBI ruling forbids it. Also there are Exchange trading funds available in the market in which you can invest as a form of gold investment like any other equity. They invest in gold and reflect the international price of the commodity in the market. Some of these are Kotak Gold ETF, UTI Gold ETF etc.

Keep reading this column i am going to discuss more about some Mutual Funds in the next part.

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