Retirement Rules

Everyone OF us Should Start thinking about their Retirement as soon as they start Earning, just to have some security in your mind about the Future. With the way things are going on India and the globe, these high paying high stress Jobs, Cost of living getting costlier with every passing day. Health Of people deteriorating faster. People do need to keep retirement planning in their mind. I myself have been thinking about it a lot lately, earlier whenever i cam across such a issue i would just say i will think about it when the time comes. And Now when i am 30 i have started to get the feeling that i am late and i should have done something about this earlier. Any ways with this post i am not trying to tell you where to invest (which i will try to do in the near future). I am just going to give you some simple rules for the same...

1. Never Spend More then you earn.(As i told earlier i have already been accused of doing the same)

2. Start Saving Early, (I just started thinking but i know i am Late), it helps build a corpus over the years.

3. Make A goal about your Retirement Planning (Like how much you need to save before you can retire) and then try to achieve the same.

4. Try to make financial stability a bigger priority then show off. Theres no need to buy that costly Mobile if you don't need it.

5. I was reading somewhere and i found this Quote it really gets its point across " no matter what, you don’t want to be old, weak, ill and poor." Need i say anymore.

6. Always keep some savings at hand so that you dont have to dig into your retirement savings in case of financial crisis.

7. Buy your Own home.

8. Consider the tax implications of everything you do.

9. If you are starting your business make some one else pay for it, and you can put in the work required.

10. Always keep acquiring Business skills that are in demand and this way you can always be employable.


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