Mutual Funds

Not everyone can research the equity markets and invest and sell when required. Some of us are just too busy or just don’t have the aptitude for it. Some people have the money to hire a specialist to take care of their investments. Well Mutual Funds give everyone one of us the specialist support that we need. Mutual Funds are run by professional fund managers, who take care of a corpus of funds gathered together from the money of several individual investors. Now day’s mutual funds come in a wide variety of forms, some invest only in blue chip companies, some in debt funds, some in sectored funds. Many type start a bigger confusion, so don’t be confused, to invest in any mutual fund you need to make research at least and can have peace of mind then. Take out a little time jot down on a piece of paper what you are looking for, are you able to take little bit of risk(Calculate what is your risk profile here), Are you looking for a pure equity exposure or debt equity mix, You could also start buy looking at a fund which invests in one sector for example technology, banking or even the latest craze of investing in infrastructure companies. Personally I feel in today’s scenario where there is a boom in the infrastructure industry and any fund, which has a good track record of managing a fund and has a great mixture of funds should be where to invest in.

In the following series with the same topic i will discuss about good investment Mutual funds and some fund details.

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