Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone,
I Didn't Die after all these days. I have been busy doing some really good things for the blog. First thing you must have of course noted is the change in the layout design. I hope it looks good cause i wouldn't want it any other way. Second and something very important to me is the change in the domain name, that is if you see your address bar you will now be seeing http://www.finance2money.com . I have now shifted to this new domain name, although this will in no way effect if you are still coming through the old link, it will automatically forward to this new location.

I am hoping now to be more regular with everything in place, of course the blog is still hosted on blogger. You can now also subscribe to my posts through feedburner. I am now hoping to become a professional blogger and would really like to see some number of readers.

Guys and for a fact about something i really want to inform everyone, i have applied for the Reliance Power IPO, although i didn't have enough money to apply for the complete allocation of a single individual investor but i did apply a few. You know personally i feel that Reliance has never let down a single share holder and i am hoping they wont do the same this time as well. I would also like to point out that Reliance Power as on date has no real plants actually generating power but they hope to start producing some very soon. And hence you cant really calculate the returns on your investment but the market seems very optimistic.

I do invest in equities and have a small portfolio which i am trying to build up and as on date my portfolio is on a positive side by 60% and i hope to keep it the same. Its not that all my shares have risen some shares that i own are also in the negative but overall portfolio is very positive. Any ways will write more tomorrow. And sorry for not being able to write for so long, but please do keep reading.

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