Lower interest rates

Well its the equity markets season and i am talking about loans, some would wonder why. Well it so happens that i know for a fact with the market running low and very little oppurtunity to sell, not everyone is in a good shape right now and are wondering about taking loans to spend money or maybe loan to just buy into the market. And the first think when that comes in your mind when you think of loans is the interest rate.

Home Loans are most probably going to go down by at least 50-75 basis points. And that seems good news for all the people thinking of buying a roof over their heads. The RBI is planning to cut these rates. And as i have pointed out earlier as well, property is a good investment.

Personal Loan, well with such high interest rates and so low a demand, banks are thinking of lowering the interest rates in order to increase demand for them. Their is a very big market for personal loans just for the fact that they can be used for anything like investing, partying, marriages and whatever and are relatively easier to get, especially for salaried individuals.

The Auto Loan industry doesn't seem to be going anywhere, with the market for 2 wheeler market at a low(The Nano effect i guess) and the car loan market at a very satisfactory level banks don't seem to want to decrease this kind of a loan in the near future at least.

Over all its best to wait for sometime now if you are planning on taking any type of loan since you could end up saving some money on account of lower interest rates very soon.

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