I was checking out the net and have come across these great calculators which are very handy. Although most of them show the unit of Currency as Dollar ($) but if you mentally substitute $ with Rs. they are very handy in their way

1. Inflation Calculator : You need to know what the cost of any item will be after a specified number of years, for example, how much would be the cost of a Rs. 100/- medicine after say 5 years or 20 years. Well heres a calculator that does just that, just type the amount and the rate of Inflation (I would recommend the expected inflation rate be kept at 5.5%). And see how much it will cost of after 5, 10,15,20,25 etc years. Inflation Calculator

2. Reaching Your Goal : How much time will it take for you to reach. Have you planned that by the time you retire you should have 1 crore in your bank, well see how much you need to invest in how many years, will you reach your goal. Reaching your Goal

3. Cost Of waiting : What would it cost you after retirement if you wait before you started saving some really good amount of money. So just check it out its a real eye opener and tell you to start saving as soon as possible. Cost Of waiting

4. Loan balance Calculator : Well this is the one i really like, i always wanted to know what is the amount remaining on my car loan, and this really tells me that. Its really worth visiting, and dont forget to substitute $ with Rs. Loan Balance Calculator

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