Life's Goals

Have you ever wondered what your real goals in life are? What are your priorities in life?

Well these are important questions one should ask himself/herself. Frankly when ever this question is put to me i would probably answer..

1. Find the highest paying job. Work long hours(which i already am working and i guess all of us are) but still work just for the money.
2. Live a lifestyle like a ancient warrior, with as little luxury as i can always just thinking about money.
3. If i am still alive by the time i am 65, suddenly retire one day, stop working and try to enjoy life or whatever is left of it.

Are these your goals as well, are you thinking otherwise. I have now started to believe it should be something else....

1. Try to find a job that you love. We shouldn't work at a place where we even dread getting out of bed every weekday. Maybe its difficult, Maybe you might have to take some risks but do something you enjoy. I have been thinking for so long to do the same but have never been able to draw up the courage to do so. But now i am planning to take a dive and lets see what happens.

2. Try to do less work and start getting more of a life. Start playing with your kids. Try to get involved in there upbringing. Start writing a blog like i have done, just to pass time. Maybe do something for the community. Don't end up looking back at your life and just remember working for all your life and never just living it.

3. Retirement : Retire doesn't necessarily means at the age of 65, i have not put any date on my retirement. i just want to make it one day. And retirement for me doesnt mean just sitting at home and taking care of grandkids. It means something more like working for who i want and when i want and enjoying life with it.

You are probably thinking why this kind of an article on a money blog. Well i just wanted to tell everybody that not everything we do should be for money only it should also be about life. About living the way we want to live. So please LIVE LIFE NOT WORK LIFE

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Anonymous said...

ur have alreay started thinking about ur retirement...
abhi toh aapke khane peene ke din hai... lol :-)