How to make a family Budget?

Well everyone needs to budget and that's what i am trying to create for my family right now, the budget needs to be based on the income. Will depend on whether your family is a single income or a double income family, you always need a budget to work on. A family budget is usually like a personal budget just in a bigger perspective. Here are some ways to make a budget...

1. First and always first for any budget determine the total income.

2. Second - Determine what needs to be paid like bills, Home Loan payments, Car loan payments, school fees etc.

3. Don't spend needlessly like eating out everyday, try taking lunch from home or only go out to eat once a month. Analyze all your extra expenditures.

4. Make a excel file showing all the expenditures and incomes just like a bank statements.

5. Try to optimize your savings versus expenditures figures in the consecutive month till you have reached a figure where your amount of savings is more than expenditures.

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