How to start and run a low cost business

Here are some tips to help out some new business to start a low cost business and run a office by keeping a very tight fist. It is important in times such as these to keep a tight fist on the expenditures while starting a new business...

1. Try working out of the home, may be you can use the existing phone lines and your old computers. You could even be using the old furniture lying in that store of yours.

2. If you are planning to set up a website, look for some bargains available on the net on the domain name and hosting plans. Some times you get really cheap options.

3. Keep a tab on the Utility bills like Electricity and phone bills. For mobile communication within your business like talking to your employees, take a plan from a single carrier for all the employees which offers free calls within a group.

4. Try using Open Source Software's which can be freely downloaded from the Internet for your software needs instead of spending heavily on Licensed SW's.

5. Buy those all in one printers where you can get photocopier, Fax, printer and scanner in one. This way you don't have to invest separately in different devices.

6. If you are doing some international calling try using the millions of VOIP services like skype, they usually end up being cheaper.

7. Always work on a budget, this way you will be able to control costs.

8. If you have to travel, plan it well in advance this way you can save on cost of air tickets by booking them in advance.

9. Try using budget hotels or self service hotels, these can cut costs a lot. Or if you have a fixed destination that you need to travel to each time, negotiate with the hotel for the rates.

10. Try finding some relative or friend who can help you out with legal, taxation and financial problems. You might be able to save instead of hiring professionals.

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